Friday, March 8, 2013

LNS treasure hunt participants

Here is an updated list of participants for the treasure hunt. Don't forget to leave a comment, everyone wants to know who has visited their blog. I hope you enjoy this treasure hunt and good luck to each of you in being the one that wins the $150.00 in free Stampin' Up! products. 
Happy Stamping,

Treasure Hunt Participants 2013
 Angela Carter                                
Lisa Kmiec                                      
Jane Hignite                                  
Deborah Smart                            
Penny Hanuszak                          
Kimberely Morris                       
Trish Cortez                                
Beth Robinson                           
Rhonda Gabriele                       **corrected 28/Feb
Jackie Watson                          
Cynthia Millan                        
June Reister                             
Debbie Broughton                  
Joni Metras                              
Laurie Reaume                        **corrected 28/Feb
Sherrill Graff                            
Nicole  Tugrul                          
Shelly Peck                               
Megin  Gallagher                    
Marcee Rodgers                      
Karen Philipp                           
Kris Sobolik                               
Heidi Weaver                           
Carolyn Bennett                    
Betty-Ann Manghi                  
Jan Schoenfeld                       
Glenda Mollet                         
Kat Zariengo                            
Katherine Roberts                   **added 28Feb p.m.
Bev Farmer                              **Mar 1st
Tanya Stottlemire                    **Mar. 1st 
Ligeia Baird                             **Mar.2nd
Carolyn Rakowski                   **Mar. 3rd
Danielle Calder                         **Mar. 5th
Jaye Catalano                          **Mar.  7th
Lesley Lendon                         **Mar. 7th
Lori Ann Rogers                       **Mar. 7th
Vanessa A. Terrell                   **Mar. 8th

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